Bach, J.S. et al - Basic Bach for the Young Violist




Pieces by, & attributed to, the Bach family arr. viola + piano accompaniment by Alan Arnold. c. Grade 3-5 level.

Anon, attrib. Bach, J.S. - Minuetto Arpeggiando (BWVAnh. II.116) [Clavier Book of Anna Magdalena Bach]

Bach, C.P.E. - March In G (H1.1) [Clavier Book Of Anna Magdalena Bach]

Bach, J.S. - Air [Orchestral Suite no.3]; Away to the Inn, New Squire, The + 10,000 Ducats (Cantata No.205, “Peasant”); Bourrée [Cello Suite No.3 In C BWV1009]; March In C, Minuetto Cantabile + Musette [Little Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach]