Jenkins, Karl - Adiemus II - Cantata Mundi SSA




Karl Jenkins' "Adiemus II - Cantata Mundi" is a development of ideas first heard in his "Songs of Sanctuary", where the world of ethnic influenced music is combined with established Western European classical technique to present a unified work; the text is similarly written phonetically with the words viewed as instrumental sound.The 7 main "Cantus" movements incorporate ethnic percussion, and are interspersed with shorter "chorales". SSA, piano accompaniment + recorder (optional)

Cantus "Song of Tears"
Chorale "Za ma ba"
Cantus "Song of the Spirit"
Chorale "Arama Ivi"
Cantus "Song of the Plains"
Chorale "Sol-Fa"
Cantus "Song of the Trinity"
Chorale "A ma ka ma"